It's easy to order.....
1. Contact by e-mail (mlriha@yahoo,com) or phone
(920-360-1562) to make an appointment to drop off flowers
or when sending through the mail.
2. Select sample number from product page
if bracelet....length?, charm?, closure?
if necklace....length?
3. Specify bead color/colors per item (marble/mixing
colors extra).
4.  You do not need to send any money with your flowers,
you will be billed later.  Prices do not include tax or
shipping. (cash, check, debit or credit card accepted).

A Lacy Creation, from
petals to beads
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Our business will be closed from April
3rd through April 13th (re-opening April
14th). Last day to make an appointment
to drop off flowers is April 2nd and the
last day to send flowers is March 28th. If
you have any questions regarding what
to do with your flowers during this time
please contact us we will be available by
phone (920.360.1562) and